The Suncrest: A Superbike for Every Day

A Superbike Reimagined for Everyday Rides: Suncrest

When you think of a superbike, you envision top-tier performance, cutting-edge technology, and an exhilarating ride experience. But what if this superbike could also be your everyday companion, offering unmatched comfort alongside its high-performance capabilities? Meet the Suncrest, the perfect blend of superbike performance and everyday rideability.

Comfort Meets Performance

The Suncrest is Ari’s answer to the quest for the perfect road bike—one that doesn’t just excel in races and climbs but is also a joy to ride every day. Here’s how the Suncrest combines superbike prowess with everyday comfort:

  • UltraLight Carbon Frame: At just 656 grams, the Suncrest’s frame is engineered for effortless climbs and nimble handling. Despite its feather-light weight, the frame provides exceptional strength and durability, making it perfect for daily rides.
  • Race-Fit Geometry: While designed for maximum aerodynamics and power transfer, the Suncrest’s geometry also ensures a comfortable ride, even on longer journeys. It’s a bike that performs like a race machine but feels like it’s made for daily adventures.
  • Smooth Ride Quality: The Suncrest’s deliberate carbon layup and frame construction reduce rider fatigue, providing a smooth and responsive ride. Whether you’re on a quick morning ride or an all-day adventure, the Suncrest keeps you comfortable and engaged.
  • 35mm Tire Clearance: Versatility is key to the Suncrest’s design. With ample tire clearance, you can tackle a variety of surfaces—from pristine pavement to rough tarmac and even some gravel—ensuring comfort and control no matter the road conditions.
  • Threaded Bottom Bracket: Maintenance is straightforward with the BSA threaded bottom bracket, offering reliability and ease without sacrificing performance. It’s a practical choice for a bike meant to be ridden frequently.
  • Headset Cable Routing: Enjoy clean and efficient cable routing that not only maintains the Suncrest’s sleek aesthetic but also ensures smooth shifting and braking performance, adding to the everyday usability of the bike.

The Versatile Performer

The Suncrest isn’t just about high performance. It’s about versatility and adaptability, making it suitable for various riding styles and preferences. Whether you’re a weight-conscious racer or a cycling enthusiast seeking new challenges, the Suncrest fits seamlessly into your routine.

    • Everyday Usability: The bikes combination of lightweight design, comfort-focused features, and practical components makes it an ideal choice for daily riding. Commute, train, or enjoy leisurely rides with the same bike that can dominate in competitive settings.
    • Accessible Performance: With models ranging from the Comp starting at $3499 to the Team Edition at $7999, there’s a Suncrest for every rider. Each model offers the perfect balance of high performance and everyday comfort, allowing you to choose the bike that fits your needs and budget.

Embrace the Everyday Superbike

The Suncrest redefines what a superbike can be. It’s not just for race days or epic climbs; it’s designed to be your go-to bike for every ride. Experience the best of both worlds with a bike that delivers top-tier performance and everyday comfort. Embrace the bike, and let every ride be an exceptional journey.

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