23-Point Custom Setup

Get the most out of your ride with Ari’s 23-Point Custom Setup

Ever had a bike custom fit for you? It makes all the difference. We launch our virtual fit system, the 23-Point Custom Setup, to give riders the best possible ride experience. It takes into account everything from body measurements and riding style, all the way down to individual nuances and preferences. Oh, and it’s complimentary - part of the Ari Experience.

23 points to customize for every rider.

Ari’s 23-Point Custom Setup starts by evaluating the rider’s body measurements and riding position. The bike is then adjusted accordingly to ensure that it fits the rider’s specific needs. This includes making adjustments to the saddle height, handlebar width, stem length, crank arm length, and more. All of these adjustments are made by our team of professionals who will ensure that each adjustment is tailored for each individual rider.