Fezzari is now Ari

Fezzari Announces Strategic Brand Evolution to 'Ari'

Who We Are & Recent Accomplishments

Our fundamental core value is to Create Exceptional Experiences, and we’re on a mission to do just that: create exceptional experiences, one rider at a time. Our business model revolves around Custom. Quality. Direct. We specialize in custom-fitting bikes, delivering top-tier quality, and offering savings through our direct-to-consumer approach.

Over the years, we have won several ‘Bike of the Year’ awards, racing championships, world records, and we hold the bike industry’s highest customer satisfaction ratings at an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars.

(2005 - 2014)

(2014 - 2024)


New Logo

Ari Astra (Ari Star)

  • Evolved from “F” to “A”
  • Representative of peak, mountain, river, valley, trail, road. The climb and descent.
  • The center ‘A’ also represents our business model: Custom. Quality. Direct.

Embracing the Present, Shaping the Future

While we reflect on our achievements, we believe there is no better time than the present moment. Our core ethos is to 'Be in the Moment.' We learn from the past, plan for the future, but ultimately, 'now' is all that we have. What we do now will impact the future. We see biking as one of the best ways to 'Be in the Moment.' It provides a chance to escape the world, get into a flow state, and focus on the present moment.

Addressing Obstacles and Setting Standards

We have turned obstacles into strengths by removing barriers.

Whether it's about world-class affordable bikes through direct sales, ensuring a perfect fit with our 23-Point Custom Setup, or offering a risk-free 30 Day Love it or Return it Guarantee, we have set the standard in quality, support, and customer satisfaction with a 4.9-star rating and will continue to do so under the Ari banner.