Nik Nestoroff Rips New Fezzari EMTB

Written by: Joey Foresta



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In his latest edit, Nik Nestoroff is seen shredding the new Timp Peak EMTB while utilizing it as a training tool for the upcoming EDR races.

I’ve been really enjoying the new Timp Peak E-bike! What I love most about mountain biking is the downhills and the adventures. The Timp is such a great addition to my arsenal as it will open up new doors to enjoy more downhills and have fun being in the outdoors on bikes. The Fezzari team did such a great job balancing out the weight distribution on this bike. It rips the downs just like an analog bike and you’re able to throw it around just like you would any other bike. Looking forward to seeing what adventures I can go on using this bike!

- Nik Nestoroff