Exploring the Best Road Bike Rides in Southern California

Written by: Joey Foresta



Time to read 1 min

If you're an avid cyclist, southern California is a veritable playground of routes waiting to be explored. From the coastal roads of San Diego to the hills of Los Angeles, this region has something for everyone. Here are three amazing road bike rides that every cyclist should experience. Get ready to hit the open road and take in some of California's most stunning scenery!

1. Malibu Canyon Road: This iconic stretch of highway is a favorite among cyclists looking for a challenging ride with breathtaking views. The route takes riders up and over Malibu Canyon, offering sweeping vistas of the mountain range and coastline along the way. The total distance is 15 miles, with a moderate elevation gain of 1,890 feet—so it's no walk in the park! But if you're looking for a unique ride that will push your limits, Malibu Canyon Road delivers.

2. Mount Wilson Toll Road: This 25-mile ride offers up some serious elevation gain (3,000 feet!), but it’s well worth it for the incredible views at the summit—and all along the way. The winding ascent passes through lush forests until you reach Mount Wilson Observatory at 5,710 feet above sea level. Then it's downhill from there! With its steady grades and gradual switchbacks, this route is perfect for intermediate cyclists who want to challenge themselves while taking in some gorgeous nature sights.

3. San Diego Sea Wall Loop: Ready to explore San Diego? This 12-mile loop takes riders right next to the shoreline with views of Point Loma and downtown San Diego along the way. It's an easy ride on mostly flat terrain that can be done year-round thanks to its temperate climate. Enjoy riding by historic sites like Cabrillo National Monument before finishing off your loop near Shelter Island at Sunset Cliffs Park.

Southern California offers up so many amazing cycling experiences that it can be hard to choose just one route! Whether you're looking for an easy day trip or an epic challenge, these three rides offer something special for any level cyclist. So pick your favorite spot and get out there—the open road awaits you!