Bike rumor names fezzari la sal peak editor's choice for best mountain bike of the year

Written by: Jordan Washburn



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BikeRumor just named the Fezzari La Sal Peak their Editor’s Choice for Mountain Bike of the Year.

Tyler Benedict, Founder and Editor of BikeRumor, said he wanted “to honor the brands and products that we believe represent the best options in a category, the most forward thinking technology, or ideas that are moving bikes and components forward.” Benedict continued: “You’d be hard pressed to find better gear than this.”

Below is the article. To find out more about the Fezzari La Sal Peak enduro mountain bike, click here.


EDITOR’S CHOICE: Once again it seems like Zach, Cory and Steve went to all the off-road launches this year. I feel that’s important to note – I wasn’t the one riding all the new mountain bikes this year – but it shouldn’t detract from the La Sal Peak’s status as a top notch trail and enduro bike. Fezzari broke their mold with this model, completely rethinking the geometry to come up with something that at first glance (and first pedal) feels a little weird and different, but it works.

So many brands are stretching the top tube out and pairing it with ultra short stems and long offsets. The Fezzari La Sal Peak gets the modern stem and fork, but uses a very upright seat angle that effectively shortens the reach. The result is a commanding position on the climbs, but one that’s easy to get low and behind on the descents. Throw in efficient pedaling, great small bump performance and big hit support (not to mention their pricing), and it’s a compelling option for anyone needing a long travel bike.