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AFR Triumphs at Angelfire BME: A Weekend of Victories

This past weekend was a momentous one for the AFR team as they claimed significant victories at the Angelfire Big Mountain Enduro (BME). With the team performing exceptionally well, it's clear that their hard work and dedication are paying off. Let's dive into the highlights of this thrilling event.

Kailey Skelton's Dominance

Kailey Skelton is proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the mountain biking world. Following her previous win, Kailey managed to secure another victory at Angelfire, going two for two. Her consistent performance and unyielding determination have set her apart from the competition. Kailey’s ability to maintain her top form in consecutive races is a testament to her skill and preparation, and the team couldn't be prouder of her achievements.

Nik Nestoroff's Winning Streak

Nik Nestoroff is on fire this season, making it three wins in a row with his latest triumph at Angelfire. His relentless drive and focus have not only earned him these victories but also extended his lead in the overall points standings. Nik’s winning streak is a significant boost for the team, highlighting his position as a top contender in the BME series. His performance is inspiring to his teammates and fans alike, showcasing what can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

Jakob Snow's Consistent Excellence

Jakob Snow is proving to be a consistent podium finisher, securing a 5th place at Angelfire. This result marks his fourth consecutive podium finish, making him the only pro rider to stand on every BME podium so far this season. Jakob’s ability to consistently perform at a high level is remarkable, and it speaks volumes about his talent and perseverance. His presence on the podium is becoming a familiar sight, and it's exciting to see how he continues to challenge the competition.

Looking Ahead: The Next Round

With the Angelfire BME behind them, the team is now gearing up for the next round in two weeks. The upcoming event presents another opportunity for AFR to showcase their skills and extend their winning streaks. The riders are motivated and focused, ready to tackle new challenges and continue their impressive performances. The anticipation is building, and the team is eager to see what the next round holds.

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