Introducing Veyo: Fezzari’s Lightweight Performance Aero Bike

Written by: Joey Foresta



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We set out to build the best lightweight performance bike that climbs like a climbing bike and sprints like an aero bike, with the comfort to feel fresh after all-day training rides. It’s made for racers, fit-fondo riders, and those in search of more speed. Named after the iconic Veyo loop in southern Utah, which features a mix of fast rolling hills, “The Wall” climb, tight technical corners, and a 50mph descent back to town – Veyo is the ultimate do-everything performance road bike. For those looking for fun and speed while racing, training, or weekend club rides, Veyo is the bike for you.


No rider likes wasting energy. Power transfer and acceleration are keys to speed. Focusing largely on lateral stiffness at the rear axle, Veyo ensures that every watt is optimized for pushing the rider forward. Fezzari did this with meticulous planning on Veyo’s carbon layup structure and frame tube shaping. The dropped seat stays create a smaller rear triangle that increases lateral stiffness while reducing aerodynamic drag.


Industry leading carbon layup design puts Veyo’s ultra lightweight frame (860g on size medium) in the top 1% of performance race bikes on the market. Veyo punches above its lightweight class with a full UCI certification. Veyo is ready for a world tour, stage race, or draft-legal triathlon, not by its weight class alone, but also by its performance, durability, and safety.

Aerodynamic Properties

It’s easy to show impressive aerodynamic numbers in an artificially perfect wind tunnel setting, but Fezzari built Veyo for real riding. When the road gets rough or the wind picks up, Veyo is the right bike

Tackling aerodynamics head-on. Giving the headtube an hourglass shape minimizes the frontal area of the bike, largely reducing drag. We gave the fork an aero shape and opened the area up to create more airflow around the tires, or the space can be used to run 32mm tires!

By using a truncated airfoil design on the downtube, seat tube, and seat post, Veyo makes the most of aero benefits in real world wind conditions, while maximizing weight savings and aero properties.

Taking what we learned on the downtube and using those principles on the seat post and seat tube, we were able to squeeze as much speed out of Veyo as possible. In addition, we covered the seatpost clamp and strategically placed bottle positioning to improve the aero qualities.


‘Rough’ and ‘uncomfortable’ are words often associated with aero bikes, but Veyo kicks both of those to the curb. Optimized carbon layups, meticulous tube design, and strategic frame flex in key areas ensure comfort and performance on long training rides, multi-day stage races, or quick morning workouts.

  • The lowered seat stays and short seat tube provide more rearward flex in the seat tube and seat post. This balances the power-optimized stiff rear end to keep Veyo comfortable on the longest rides while also reducing drag for increased speed and efficiency.

  • Fore and aft flex in the fork provide front end and upper body comfort while maintaining lateral rigidity to ensure that Veyo can carve corners, too.

Fit and Handling

Size-optimized geo provides the perfect balance of fit and handling in all scenarios: high speed crit race corners, agile handling in pelotons, stability on descents and rough roads, and comfort in the saddle on long training days.

  • Purpose-built for the demands of professionals and enjoyment of weekend warriors alike.

  • Prioritized weight balance for a sporty feeling - acceleration, quick cornering, and stability on fast descents and rough roads.

  • UCI certified and ready to race at the World Tour level.

Rider Testimonials

When a new bike is produced, it is crucial to get a diverse set of rider feedback on the product. We collected data from professional riders, weekend warriors and everyone in between, and this is what they had to say:
“The…power transfer was like…what I’ve felt riding and racing track bikes.”

"It felt effortless"

“Most stable bike I’ve ridden. It gives me the confidence to go faster.”

“It is the perfect bike for every race in the USA.”

"Stiff and responsive"

"It goes where you want confidently"

“The amount of bike lean perfectly matches the change of direction through various fast turns in the canyon. It just goes where you want with confidence.”

Models and Pricing

Veyo launch edition is available NOW starting at $3,999! Visit our Veyo product page to see pricing and availability.

If you find the fun in speed, Veyo is the bike for you.