Get a Bike by Christmas

Written by: Joey Foresta



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It's almost time to get your holiday shopping done and if you're after a little something special, now is the last chance to make sure it arrives by Christmas. Order now on the following models to ensure it will arrive for Christmas!

Delano Peak

The perfect balance between climbing and descending for all-mountain riding. All mountains, all trails, every day. The Delano Peak makes every trail the funnest trail.

Abajo, Wiki, Cascade 

Our alloy lineup that will get you up and down your favorite mountain trails. The Wiki, Abajo, and Cascade all feature the same high-end aluminum alloy frame, the difference is in the build spec in order of good, better, best.


Named after an epic road ride, the Empire is the do-it-all road bike that you will actually like to ride (Oh, and get you there faster than anyone else).


The all-new Signal Peak is fast, light, and efficient for XC racing, and fun, playful and capable for short-travel trail riding. The Signal Peak is lighter and more efficient than ever. It will become your go-to bike.

La Sal Peak

Rip it like you stole it. This 170mm bike is the ultimate Enduro machine.

Lone Peak 

Small in size, but big on features. The Lone Peak is designed for all-day fun for youngsters looking to take their riding to the next level. Performance, quality, and experience.

Wasatch Peak

For years, the Wasatch Peak has received awards for best value from many leading industry publications. With a complete ground up redesign, we have added even more value, versatility, and fun to this hardtail mountain bike.

Kings Peak 

Introducing the all-new Kings Peak. Designed for the ultra endurance rider, the bike-packer, or the adventure junkie. Experience the most extreme terrains in the world like never before.

All Models have Limited quantities - while supplies last. Get them while you can!