Wire Peak 2.0

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All mountains and trails, enhanced.


Rear/Front Suspension

Introducing the Wire Peak, our latest aluminum full-power all-mountain/trail eBike designed to elevate your mountain biking experience.

With 145mm rear and 160mm front suspension, the Wire Peak is a capable all-rounder with plenty of suspension to tackle rough descents, but balanced for comfort and capability on technical climbs.

Performance Driven

635Wh Battery

Silent Cable Routing

The Wire Peak's robust design features a 635Wh battery using the same rail mounting system as the Timp Peak. This not only enables silent cable routing but also lowers the battery's center of gravity, enhancing stability and control on challenging terrain.

Evolved Geometry for the Modern Rider

Experience a new level of precision with the Wire Peak's all-new geometry. A slacker headtube angle at 65 degrees and a steeper 78-degree seat tube ensure stability on rough descents while also being powerful and efficient pedaling. The increased reach, averaging 30mm more, offers enhanced comfort in the cockpit and superior handling compared to the previous model.

Cutting-Edge Drive Motor Units

The Wire Peak is compatible with the latest Shimano drive motor units, ensuring the best range possible as a full-power pedal-assist ebike and optimal performance on every ride.

Endless Stability and Traction

The Wire Peak features Tetra-Link Suspension design with improved suspension kinematics. New leverage ratios, enhanced anti-squat, and anti-rise provide unparalleled stability and traction during technical climbs and descents.

Built to Last a Lifetime

Enhanced rear triangle stiffness, custom molded rubber protectors, and epoxy-infused paint reinforce the Wire Peak's durability. UDH compatibility ensures easy maintenance, while our Lifetime Warranty on the frame allows you to ride with confidence.

Ride It How You Like It

The Wire Peak offers a range of spec choices, from robust 1x drivetrains to powerful hydraulic disc brakes and best-in-class suspension options in each build spec category. With integrated polycarbonate motor cover, GA-Link for geometry adjustments, and 29er and mullet wheelset compatibility, the Wire Peak takes what you thought you knew about ebikes to the next level.

Go ahead, take it for a spin.

Size Specific Geo

The Wire Peak geometry is not built around one size and then shrunk or enlarged for each size like most bikes on the market. Instead, each actual angle is adjusted on each frame size to give the same effective angle.

"The Fezzari Wire Peak is a very good value, it looks cool and comes with a really competitive spec. We're confident that this ebike will satisfy a lot of riders out there."
The Fezzari Wire Peak is a solid bike and I mean really solid. When you pick it up it feels like it was carved out of a solid block of steel. But when you ride it the weight disappears and it is way more nimble than a bike of its weight and length should be."
"Ari has stuck to its focus on delivering a lot of value to riders without resorting to common cost-cutting measures."
"Ari has established itself as making some pretty darn good bikes, sticking to a consumer direct model, and are also extremely affordable."
"Ari has smashed one deep into the bleachers."
"The brand relies heavily on its customer support reputation, and also offers a 30-day "Love It Or Return It" trial period and a limited lifetime warranty on all its products."
"With new buyers, the brand will go through an extensive fit process before sending the bike so that it’s ready to rock."
"Its pedaling performance was excellent, with just enough anti-squat support to keep it from feeling bouncy and like I needed the lockout lever, but enough sensitivity to keep traction on chunky desert climbs. 8"
Wire Mesa

38°26′19″N 109°13′45″W

Wire Mesa lies on Shinarump conglomerate caprock. This is part of the Chinle Formation from the Triassic Period. The skirts of the mesa are Moenkopi clays.
The quartzite pebbles on the dirt surfaces were river rocks that washed down from high mountains in western Utah. Mixed with sand, they became part of the Shinarump conglomerate. These pebbles are hundreds of millions of years older than the conglomerate they erode out of.

Save up to 40% Buying Direct
Bigger savings and perfect fit.

We sell directly to you, the rider. This gives you unique advantages like getting your Wire Peak custom fit to your body measurements, big savings on cost, and direct communication with us.

Lifetime Warranty
A warranty that lasts a lifetime.

We tested the Wire Peak 130% above industry standards. We want you to ride with the peace of mind knowing that this bike performs at an elite level, always. Your bike comes backed with a Lifetime Warranty. Ride it on your own trials for 30 days and if it’s not the best bike you’ve ridden, you can return it.


GA Link


Top Tube 560 593 613 637
Seat Tube 400 420 440 460
Chainstay 434 434 434 434
Head Angle 65° 65° 65° 65°
Seat Angle (Effective)* 77.5° 77.5° 77.5° 77.5°
Head Tube 95 95 115 130
Bottom Bracket Height 345 345 345 345
Bottom Bracket Drop 28.3 28.3 28.3 28.3
Wheelbase 1176.7 1209.7 1234.0 1260.0
Fork Offset 44 44 44 44
Standover Height 734 741 751 763
Stack 610 610 628 642
Reach 430 455 480 500
Top Tube 560 593 613 637
Seat Tube 400 420 440 460
Chainstay 434 434 434 434
Head Angle 66° 66° 66° 66°
Seat Angle (Effective)* 78° 78° 78° 78°
Head Tube 95 95 115 130
Bottom Bracket Height 351 351 351 351
Bottom Bracket Drop 22 22 22 22
Wheelbase 1175.7 1208.7 1233.0 1259.0
Fork Offset 44 44 44 44
Standover Height 734 741 751 763
Stack 606 606 624 638
Reach 434 459 484 504
What’s my frame size?

Your height will determine a general recommended frame size. Occasionally, based on other body measurements, you may feel more comfortable on a different size. We recommend completing the 23-Point Custom Setup when completing your order.

Recommend a frame size for me

Build Specs

Each Ari bike is built with the best components in a given category so you get the most bang for the buck. Each model has different build specs to choose from usually ranging in good, better, best order.

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*Specs are subject to change. Any substitutions will be comparable or better.

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