Nebo Peak

Electric has never been this fun.
Forget what you know about E-Bikes.


Rear/Front Suspension

A true game changer.

Nebo Peak changes the game. With lightweight ebikes there are typically compromises when it comes to power and capability. Nebo Peak is the outlier in it’s ability to preform above it’s competition. It’s fully integrated carbon frame is light, durable and aggressive. 140mm rear / 150mm front suspension travel is the goldilocks balance for riders looking to do it all, coupled with our award-winning Tetra-Link suspension design, the Nebo Peak climbs efficiently, descends confidently, and handles playfully.

Everyone has a plan until they get punched by a climb.

430Wh Battery


37% More Range

Nebo Peak packs a punch with the Fazua motor system – silent, efficient, and powerful. Its 430Wh battery, integrated battery-in-frame design, and USBC compatibility make it a lightweight that fights in the heavyweight class. Expect up to 37% more range than similar e-bikes. It is also range extender compatible (available late fall).

The Quiet Professional

Nebo Peak moves silently with our frame wall tube-in-tube cable routing. Enhanced chainstay protection silences chain slap. Oh, and all your friends will be speechless as you rip past them.

Unmatched Adjustability

Adjust Nebo Peak to your riding style with our new GA-Link (Geometry Adjust) located in the chainstay pivot. This allows adjustability on the head tube angle and chainstay length giving you the ability to dial in the wheelbase to your preference or run a mullet setup.

Our Lowest Standover Height and Lightest Ebike Frame

With our lowest full-suspension standover height, 2 inches lower than our other full suspension bikes, Nebo Peak allows you to run the longest dropper seat post possible so you can navigate trails with ease. As with all Ari bikes, its impressively light frame is also backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

Intentional Build Choices

Power to weight ratio paradox: make it light, but make it perform and last. Nebo Peak strikes a balance between weight, toughness, and performance. Powerful brakes, capable suspension, and proven components make every mountain ride consistent, light, powerful, and fun. Nebo Peak also comes in frameset options as well.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

With a suspension platform and geometry designed in perfect harmony with the Fazua motor system, the Nebo is ready to tackle all the ups and downs of your favorite trails. With comfortable reach in the cockpit, lower standover, balanced chassis, 65 degree head tube angle for stability at high speed, and 77.5 degree seat tube angle for powerful pedaling - you can’t help but have fun on every single ride.

Go ahead, take it for a spin.

Lightweight & Powerful

Nebo Peak represents nearly two decades of research and development coupled with extensive real-world testing.

"Ari has smashed one deep into the bleachers."
"Its pedaling performance was excellent, with just enough anti-squat support to keep it from feeling bouncy and like I needed the lockout lever, but enough sensitivity to keep traction on chunky desert climbs. 7"
"As you go to purchase your next bike, I encourage you to give Ari a look."
"With new buyers, the brand will go through an extensive fit process before sending the bike so that it’s ready to rock."
"Ari has stuck to its focus on delivering a lot of value to riders without resorting to common cost-cutting measures."
"Ari has established itself as making some pretty darn good bikes, sticking to a consumer direct model, and are also extremely affordable."
"The brand relies heavily on its customer support reputation, and also offers a 30-day "Love It Or Return It" trial period and a limited lifetime warranty on all its products."
"I realized how deeply in touch Ari is with what riders want and what the industry needs."
Mount Nebo

39.8216° N, 111.7599° W

Save up to 40% Buying Direct
Bigger savings and perfect fit.

We sell directly to you, the rider. This gives you unique advantages like getting your Nebo Peak custom fit to your body measurements, big savings on cost, and direct communication with us.

Lifetime Warranty
A warranty that lasts a lifetime.

We tested the Nebo Peak 130% above industry standards. We want you to ride with the peace of mind knowing that this bike performs at an elite level, always. Your bike comes backed with a Lifetime Warranty. Ride it on your own trials for 30 days and if it’s not the best bike you’ve ridden, you can return it.


Nebo_Peak_Geo (1)-ai

GA Link


Top Tube 568.3 589.9 612.3 642.4
Seat Tube 390.0 400.0 420.0 450.0
Chainstay 434.6 434.6 434.6 434.6
Head Angle 65° 65° 65° 65°
Seat Angle (Effective)* 77.5° 77.5° 77.5° 77.5°
Head Tube 100.0 105.0 113.0 145.0
Bottom Bracket Height 345 345 345 345
Bottom Bracket Drop 28.2 28.2 28.2 28.2
Wheelbase 1184.0 1211.3 1239.3 1278.1
Fork Offset 44.0 44.0 44.0 44.0
Standover Height 737.0 736.0 736.0 736.0
Stack 611.0 615.9 622.3 652.0
Reach 430.0 455.0 480.0 505.0
Top Tube 569.5 591.0 614.5 644.2
Seat Tube 390.0 400.0 420.0 450.0
Chainstay 439.7 439.7 439.7 439.7
Head Angle 64.5° 64.5° 64.5° 64.5°
Seat Angle (Effective)* 77.3° 77.1° 77.0° 77.0°
Head Tube 100.0 105.0 113.0 145.0
Bottom Bracket Height 337.8 337.7 337.6 337.5
Bottom Bracket Drop 35.4 35.5 35.6 35.7
Wheelbase 1189.9 1211.3 1246.3 1284.0
Fork Offset 44.0 44.0 44.0 44.0
Standover Height 731.0 730.0 730.0 730.0
Stack 615.4 620.1 629.3 656.6
Reach 424.1 449.2 474.3 499.2
What’s my frame size?

Your height will determine a general recommended frame size. Occasionally, based on other body measurements, you may feel more comfortable on a different size. We recommend completing the 23-Point Custom Setup when completing your order.

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