Introducing Timp Peak: Fezzari’s Long Travel Carbon E-Bike

Written by: Joey Foresta



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Enduro Electrified

We took the path less traveled when designing our new, enduro e-bike. Building upon the award-winning platforms of our mountain bike lineup, the Timp Peak is a high performance electric enduro bike that unlocks the full mountain.

E-Bike with Analog Bike Handling

Often, when building e-bikes, the first step is to select a motor and battery size, and then build the suspension and geometry around it, all while hoping to maintain the ride quality as much as possible. We took a different approach. We prioritized frame geometry balance, suspension kinematics, and rider fit, while also taking into account the added weight of the drive unit and battery. Named after the majestic mountain overlooking Fezzari HQ, Timp Peak is designed to take you up and down the steepest trails, get more laps on your favorite technical loops, and let you explore remote terrain.

Designed for a Lively Yet Planted Feeling

Timp Peak’s analog sibling, the 170mm La Sal Peak, won multiple awards including Editor’s Choice for ‘Bike of the Year’, Best Value, and more. We built upon and optimized the La Sal Peak’s proven platform to match the Timp Peak’s weight, torque, and power. The result? Suspension performance that delivers a lively yet planted feeling. We worked with Rockshox, Fox, DVO, MRP, Push and EXT to custom tune each shock to pair perfectly with the Timp Peak. Every suspension package is a true custom experience as part of their 23-Point Custom Setup™.

Full Carbon Frame

The Timp Peak features a full carbon frame (including front and rear triangles and shock link) that offers a lightweight and stiff platform for high-performance riding. The use of carbon allows us to manipulate tubing shapes, control stiffness, and tune desired flex. The lightweight frame construction opens the door for the optimal battery, more range, and burlier components at a competitive overall weight. The internal cable management system is quiet and easy to service.

Climb Anything

Our motor tuning profile maximizes traction with smooth delivery of functional power rather than sudden all-out power. Timp Peak’s kinematics and geometry put you in an efficient pedaling position. The perfect seat tube angle paired with 160mm cranks, gives Timp Peak plenty of clearance to keep your cadence in the sweet spot for technical climbs. Suspension and motor work in harmony to clean tough lines.

Descend Everything

Timp Peak’s short chainstay gives a nimble and snappy feeling in tight corners. The long wheelbase and slack headtube angle provide stability in rough terrain and high speeds. Timp Peak’s 170mm travel suspension was designed to offer small bump sensitivity through choppy segments, as well as endless support for fast sections and big compressions. The low top tube and uninterrupted seat tube allow for low standover height and long dropper posts on every size.

True-to-Size Geometry™

Rather than scaling one model to different sizes, every frame size is designed to give each rider the same ride characteristics. Real world saddle heights are used to determine the unique actual seat tube angle for each size to maintain the 77.5 degree effective seat tube angle for each rider.

Proprietary Rail System

Our modular rail system enables the battery to sit at the lowest possible position. This results in a low center of gravity that improves traction and suspension performance. By keeping the center of gravity low, we is able to maintain a very light cockpit for great steering and handling.

Mullet Capable

Timp Peak comes stock with 29er wheels. The GA link offers two positions of geometry adjustment, giving you the choice of a mullet setup (available at checkout).

Spec’d for Real Life Use

Every spec comes with the Shimano EP8 motor and the most capable components needed for a long travel e-bike. Top shelf suspension, premium wheels, reliable groupsets and powerful brakes work together to elevate the ride experience at every build level. Out of the box, Timp Peak is ready to rip.