Shafer Gravel Bike Now Compatible with SRAM Transmission

Written by: Joey Foresta



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Sram transmission benefits on a gravel bike

Not many gravel bikes are UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger) compatible right now. The improved range and reliability of the T-type SRAM Transmission is beneficial not only for mountain biking, but also gravel riding. Gravel bikes versatility on pavement, dirt and trails are a no brainer for those looking for one bike. Because of this, we prioritized making the Shafer UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger) compatible. Note: not all Shafer frames are UDH compatible. Only the Elite Rival XO Transmission and Pro Force XX Transmission builds will come with a UDH compatible frame.

*This is a custom painted frame that we do not sell*

Shafer compatibility

We offer 2 Shafer builds with the T-type SRAM Transmission.

Shafer Elite Rival XO Transmission

Shafer Pro Force XX Transmission

How does the shifting work?

Usually the SRAM Transmission is used on a mountain bike and uses a remote to shift. SRAM has integrated all of their wireless shifters, derailleurs and dropper posts meaning that you can mix and match how you like through their app. Meaning that the Rival and Force shifters can seamlessly control the SRAM Transmission drivetrain.

Other Fezzari frames that are compatible

Most current Fezzari bikes are UDH Compatible (mountain, road and gravel). To get a complete list of current and past UDH compatible Fezzari bikes, click here!